Champions League Matchday Two Betting Preview

Champions League

The biggest club competition in football is back in full swing and we have plenty of mammoth match-ups ahead of us this week. Join as we preview, predict, and provide you with a champions league betting guide that will hopefully win us all some money. Manchester City vs. PSG The glamour tie of the … Read more

Premier League Top Goal Scorer Odds: Who’ll Win The Golden Boot?

Golden Boot

The race for the Premier League is well and truly on. Chelsea, Man City, Man United, Liverpool and Everton have all started strongly. Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s men currently top the table after four games but only by goal difference as three other teams also have 10 points on the board at this very early stage of … Read more

Soccer Formations and Tactics – the most used formations!

soccer formations

In order to best appreciate the following article, I would firstly recommend reading my previous article: Soccer positions numbers 1-to-11 for it will ensure you have a solid understanding of how the traditional ‘eleven’ numbered players take to the field in a standard 4-4-2 formation, the system from which all other soccer formations developed. This … Read more

When was Soccer Invented?

when was soccer invented

A brief history:  England is traditionally referred to as the ‘Home of Football’ or ‘Soccer’. The basic fundamentals and development of the game have however actually evolved over ‘literally’ thousands of years of history. In this article, I will take a look at when was soccer invented and some of the countries which are credited … Read more

Soccer Field Dimensions – How big is it?

soccer field dimensions

There are many different markings on a Soccer pitch. From the complete size and width of the pitch itself, to the size of each half of the pitch, the ‘penalty’ area, and the size of the ‘six yard box/area’. More specifically, there is also the height and width of the goal posts, and the areas … Read more

Offside In Soccer: Explained

offside in soccer

The term Offside in Soccer is much easier to understand if you have played the game than if you have simply watched it. For those that have only watched it and or are new to the game, it can be quite confusing to downright confounding and often infuriating! What then is a simple definition of … Read more

Top 10 Most Famous MLS Players Ever!

most famous mls players

Major League Soccer (MLS) was founded in 1993 as ‘part and parcel’ of the United States successfully hosting the FIFA World Cup Soccer finals in 1994. The men’s professional soccer league currently consists of 27 teams – 24 in the U.S. and 3 in Canada. Regulated by the United States Soccer Federation, the league is headquartered … Read more

Most Famous High Scoring Soccer Games Ever!

famous highest scoring games

In my last article, I explored the highest scoring games in Soccer history by score lines. Whilst these were interesting, there have been some far more famous games which have enthralled, engaged and have become more emblematic in Soccer history. The scores in these game cannot compare on goals scored but in terms of their … Read more

The Top Five Goal Scorers on The Planet In 2021

Top Goalscorer Messi

As we head into the brand-new domestic season of soccer, staying informative on the worlds top goal scorers is valuable information for fans and sports bettors alike. Heritage Sports mobile betting provides some of the sharpest betting odds, but deciding on which teams to bet on can become challenging for those lacking significant know-how. Fear … Read more