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How Long Does A Soccer Game Last?

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. With almost 200 countries playing this sport, soccer is notably more popular globally compared to other ball sports such as basketball or volleyball, but how long does a soccer game last?

There are many names associated with this sport but it can be called in many names such as association football, soccer, or just football. The origin of this sport comes from many different cultures since there have been several reports of kicking ball games from many different countries in the early ages such as China, Korea, Greece, and some countries in Europe and North America.

Today, soccer has been one of the most followed sports and it has been very popular with many people around the world. The gameplay and mechanics of this sport have been carefully revised and debated by several experts to come up with the most sensible laws that are used for the game. Today, the unified code of laws used in soccer games is called the “Laws Of The Game.” Here, all the laws that you need to know when playing football or soccer.

How long does a soccer game last?

A soccer game is one of the most grueling sports to play because of the long playing time of the game. The standard playing time for any soccer game is around 90 minutes and sometimes, overtime is done if there is a need for a tiebreaker.

This overtime is called the “extra time.” In this time, the players will play for an additional two-15 minute period to settle the tied score, for a total of extra 30 minutes of playing time. So all in all, a soccer game playing overtime lasts around 120 minutes or 2 hours, and this makes soccer one of the hardest sports to play.

Running around for this long is surely a very tasking activity for a person’s body but professional soccer players have trained and conditioned themselves to be able to play for such a long period.

how long does a soccer game last

Preparing for a Soccer Game: Different tips and tricks to increase endurance

If you are interested in playing soccer now you know how long a soccer game lasts, you need to train yourself to have the stamina to stay the course of the match. This can be done by rigorous months of training and diet to make sure that you will have the necessary endurance to last the entire game. Here are some tips and tricks on how to last longer on the soccer field :

  1. Test out your maximum endurance

To know how much you need to improve, you need to first learn your maximum level of endurance so that you can adjust your training regimen for the best results. To know how long you can last in a soccer game, try simulating the activities done in the game for a long period of time.

You can try running or jogging for a long time or the full length of a soccer game which is 90 minutes. Or you can try endurance training and set the time for 90 minutes. In this way, you can learn how long you can keep up your performance before you begin to tire out. Record this time and after training a few months, you will clearly see the difference that your training makes.

  1. Working out and Dieting

Now that you know the limits of your body, it is now the time to train the parts of your body that are always working within the full length of the soccer game, which is your legs. A strong lower body is important for any soccer player since soccer consists of a lot of running around and kicking the ball so you really need a pair of strong legs for this sport if you want to last the whole 90 minutes.

Exercises that build up your lower body strength are a great way to start your training for soccer games. This also helps reduce your chances of having an injury since the stronger your legs and knees will be, the better they will absorb impact and protect your bones from fractures.

Diet is also important when training for soccer. For soccer players, it is important to be more agile rather than being bulky, so you need to focus on proteins that strengthen the muscles rather than carbohydrates that add more mass to your body. To aid with your diet, you can take some supplements that will greatly help with muscle growth. Check some ingredients analysis of these supplements, so you’ll be able to know their benefits.

  1. Train your breathing patterns

Another important factor in soccer is breathing patterns. The way you breathe affects your performance when doing marathons or long periods of exercise, If you breathe too hard or too fast, you may experience “stitches” on your sides which is caused when trying to breathe too fast during rigorous exercises and this greatly affects your performance when playing.

Professional players have learned how to properly control their breathing so that they can maintain their pace and their performance for long periods of time. 

All in all, preparing for soccer games is a hard task but it can be very rewarding after seeing the results. It is also a very healthy lifestyle since it keeps you active and on your feet most of the time. It also improves your physical strength as well as your respiratory functions due to the prolonged moments of exercise.

So start training now and improve your endurance levels! For more information on training and building up your body, try checking out Total Shape for various training programs and dieting supplements.

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