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Soccer Balls (Footballs) 

Information on history, design, construction, types, sizes, approvals, physics, care, latest innovations and more.

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 Contents Explanation:

  • Construction - Learn how soccer balls are made. Ball information on design and construction including types and sizes are detailed.
  • Approvals - FIFA and NFHS approvals. Find out what the approval logos mean and how they meet the approval requirements through testing.
  • Care - Use this section to learn about basic football care to extend their life. Cleaning, proper air pressure and inflation topics are covered. 
  • History - The history of the football.  See how they have changed through the years. Check out the one used in the very first World Cup final in 1930.  See the official World Cup and Euro balls. 
  • Latest Developments -Review the latest ball technology, developments and innovations.  Learn about the best ones.  Top balls from Adidas, Nike, Mitre, and Puma.
  • League Balls - Official Match balls from various leagues around the world.
  • Store  
  • Physics - The theory behind ball flight when it is kicked. Explains how and why they curve when kicked properly. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 
  • Dictionary - Definitions of common and not so common terms.
  • Resources - Check out our list of related links.
  • Site Map - Easy to use site map (table of contents).
  • About Us - The who and why about this website.
  • Contact Us - Give us your input.

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Soccer Ball given to a boy in Iraq 

Learning about soccer balls (footballs) will help you obtain the optimum ball for consistent play. The "goal" of this site is to eliminate the frustration and guess work when you make a purchase. Included is a simple and safe to use online Soccer Ball - Store for you the "informed buyer". 

The football remains the most vital element in the game."

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